Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 61:

Normal week.  Peter is officially out of prison.  YEAH.  And he still likes us.  YEAH.  That was good news.  We got a couple new people to work with this week.  This one guy who has had a rough time with the ladies in the past and been through a couple of famillies, some women have done him wrong and now he doesn't trust anybody.  That's rough.  He's out here by himself looking for a place to find good people.  We got that locked down.  He figged us on sunday and didn't come to church though.  Darn old people.  We had another cool guy come to church too.  He came up to the missionaries in some other area and told him he was interested.  Always better when they come up to us.  He is really cool, just looking for truth and stuff, love those people.  Also Dima is planning to get baptized in august now, but unfortunately he has moved out of our area so we won't be able to get him all ready to go anymore.  Now we have to do the awkward thing we say, ok you are gonna talk to these other weird americans in suits that you don't know and we will see you around.  That's always interesting.  So yeah.  That's about all the fun from this week.  Met a lot of crazies.  Love me the crazies.  Heard the US is doing well in the world cup.  That's pretty neat.  Yup.  Well, that's about all I got.  People reading these emails, I'm sorry I bore you every week with my endless babblings.  Your patience is appreciated.  If people reading these do indeed exist.  Alright, I'll check in next week, later family and friends. 

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