Friday, July 4, 2014

Week 62:

Good week.  Alas, I am out of time for writing, for my sister has become engaged and I spent all my time talking about that with people.  Sorry.  But congrats to sister.  Sister's man friend, you have my blessing, even though you didn't ask for it.  We will talk about that later.  Anywho, this week was good.  Finally got into meet with our bishop here who we have frankly been afraid of for a long time.  But when we went over to his house he opened the door and was wearing a shirt that said "Don't Mess With Texas".  Turns out he is a boss.  And now he loves us.  I love seeing super solid famillies in the church, reminds us why we do this stuff.  Other than that not a ton of news.  Meeting with people.  Dima is still on track to get baptized, but he has a lot of questions he has to work out.  Good guy.  Other stuff happened too but I can't remember it.  Long week, stressful.  Oh, we had to teach gospel doctrine this sunday, and when we came in to teach all the members got confused and started asking where they had to go to get to the right class.  We rebuked their sass and dropped a bomb of knowledge on them and now we have tons of respect up in thur.  That's all.  See you guys later.  One more props to my sister, super happy for you. Later. 

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