Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 68:

Transfers have come, and I have been left.  Which is good.  I like it here.  Got 6 more weeks to make things happen.  It does mean I have to put together a fireside thing for the ward which I'm not pumped about.  They are stealing elder Mckibben from me and sending him to Voronezh (I kind of wanted to go there), but hey, maybe later.  I will be getting a missionary of mexican origins, well his ancestors, his name is ortega and he is just finishing his training.  I have become the secondary trainer here, I'm that weird uncle you move in with when your parents kick you out I guess. So yeah that's the biggest news.  The work was rough this week, This time in russia nobody is in the area, people just up and leave for around 2 months and show up again in the fall.  Silly russians.  The weather has been a mixture of hot and pouring rain, which makes talking to people on the street a little difficult.  Big news at home with Rachael getting murred, Connor starting highschool, and Holly hitting the MTC.  The world now has to deal with 2 of us.  Heh.  Sounds like you are killing it in there sister. keep it up.  Funny story of the week.  Some crazy old lady stopped us when we were going through a tunnel, asked us for money.  We said we couldn't and then she was like alright whatever I'll walk you to the metro.  So we were like, ok crazy lady lets go.  On the way she started sweet talking us, mentioning that she wasn't married, and that she was old but still has the looks of a fine young lass.  Then she mentioned to mckib that she didn't have real teeth, he didn't really understand so he said, What you talking about lady? So she popped her teeth out to show him and he exclaimed WOAH.  Me and her started laughing and then mid laugh she ever so tenderly grabbed mckib by the hand.  Elder Mckibben then started to panic.  He gave me a look of absolute fear.  So I said, o are you trying to see what time it is on his watch there?  So she played off like that and let go.  Then we bolted.  Fun times.  Crazy old people.  Well, that's all for this week, I wish you all the best with your current endeavors and all those going back to school I wish you luck.  I guess my friends are finishing college this year, that's pretty nuts.  Love you all (not directed to only friends going back to college), don't forget me.  Later.

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