Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 63:

Hey there friends,
Well once again I'm in the predicament of a week full of hillarity and random junk with a little dash of deep stuff and no time to describe all of it.  I copied this from my letter to president, pretty funny story. This weeks story is a pretty good one so I hope you get to read it. We went out to visit one of our new converts who is having a rough time and lives pretty far away. When we came into his yard (they live in a house) he came and met us and told us in quite english that his step-dad wants to know about Jesus going to America and why we are here. Then he told us it was going to be difficult. We went in, started talking with him, and found out that he was right, it was going to be difficult. His step dad is a funny old guy that just accepted Islam only two weeks ago on a whim and believes a lot of weird stuff, but first is that we are wasting are time and doing a bad thing as missionaries. It was a really weird lesson, just answering a lot of strange questions, and we tried to work in the gospel where we could. Before this meeting he was pretty against his wife (the new convert's mother) investigating the church, which she has been doing for several months. In the end of our meeting he accepted a Book of Mormon and commited to read, invited us back for another lesson, told us we should do a Banya session with him in his backyard, and told us if he had daughters he would offer them to us to marry. The next day his wife who has been investigating came to church and was so excited that we had gotten to know him, but said the next time we come by we have to when she is home so we can have a lesson with her too. This is one of the strangest famillies I have ever met, but I love them to death. That guy was pretty funny.  Also we saw a russian wedding.  Greatest thing ever.  Basically we go to a dreary looking government building which on the inside is actually pretty decked out.  Then when it is their turn at 10:30 sharp, we all walk into a room with nothing but a string ensemble, a piano, a fancy table with two chairs, and fancy documents.  They stroll on up in front of the table and some lady talks about how love is the sun or some crap.  Then they sit down, sign the marraige documents while the photographer takes a thousand pictures.  Then once that is over they put on each other's rings and we follow them into another room, where we watch the film they just took of the whole process.  So the whole thing was over in about 20 minutes I'd say, and that includes watching it over again.  I liked it.  Seemed a lot easier to plan than american weddings, you might want to consider coming here to get married sister.  Anyway that was all, also some girl on the street took a picture of the missionaries, put it in a magnet, and sold it to us for 300 рубs.  That's a steal.  Well I am way over my time. SIN.  Gotta go.  Oh, Peter isn't in jail yet.  YA. Talk to you next week.  

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