Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 64:

Hey everyone,
biggest news this week is we've got a new district, yeah.  Looks like I'll be camping out in this area for another 6 weeks, I'm pretty sure after that I'm out of here though.  There is more peace in the land now, before we had some dramas that were causing me to lose some sleep, but now everything is hunky dory.  Tatyana is chugging along like a champ, but now that we have her on track she has asked to get taught by sisters.  Happens.  Anyway we are passing all of our investigators to other happy missionaries and then we will be back to square 2.  The square where we have a lot of people just floating around and we don't really know what they want.  Better than square 1.  This week also we got to travel out of moscow to go do service for a family in our ward.  The worked us like dogs.  We built them a lovely path in their backyard, a bench, moved a bunch of bricks, disturbed a whasp's nest, hauled some lumber, moved an old bath tub, and other fun activities.  Their family has the cutest children in the universe by the way.  Russian kids are adorable.  Then scary.  Anyway that was the best day of this year, it's funny how much I love manual labor now.  Just really nice to have a concrete task and be able to finish it.  Plus just really good to be with russian people not at church doing something not to do with church, just befriend them and stuff.  Man that was awesome.  Way better than any holiday that has happened out here.  Besides calling home of course.  Anyway.  That's about all for this week.  Peter is still not in prison, he is just confused and scared about what is going to happen to him.  Any, I'm out of time, take it easy everyone, enjoy life.  Oh, and I'm probably coming back in march now, not february, we don't really know yet.  Bye.  

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