Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 65:

Hey guys,
This week was pretty good.  We met with Dima on tuesday, kind of had a throw down lesson with him where we said, alright dude, how serious are you about all this stuff.  He is still all in it, just having a hard time sticking to the homework we give him.  We've decided to push his b date back some, and we really have to get him in with the other elders soon.  Then we got a meeting with the sky diver guy, kind of did the same thing.  He is also on board, really on the search for what's true, but having a hard time keeping commitments as well.  We read with him out of the Book of Mormon and talked about it.  At the end of the lesson he prayed for the first time, sounded a little like this.  "Hey God, Please bless everything so that it will be good... Amen".  We were pumped.  Awesome to see a guy pray for the first time, pretty cool moment.  O also we got lost in this city outside of moscow looking for this old lady and then when we finally found her house by sheer luck she just barely showed up while we were dropping something off.  So she invited us in and was about to make jam out of a fat stack of blueberries, she has to do it with a wooden stick.  So we were like, not today lady, you gonna relax.  So we beat the crap out of those berries for her, which was good.  She is the one who is on her own and taking care of her husband who has severe dimmensia or something.  She was pretty grateful.  Old ladies out here are pretty hardcore, they do everything themselves.  Anyway that's all for this week i think, I'm short on time.  Oh also we had an interesting meeting with a cool muslim guy, really sincere dude.  Don't have time to talk about it, remind me later, it was pretty nuts.  Well that's about it.  Sooo.  yes.  Ok bye.

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