Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 66:

Hey everybody,
So, big news.  Found out last week that two awesome strong Ukranian families just moved into tver, in order to help them out pres has decided to reopen the city.  YEAHHH.  He is sending the zl's that are in my district down there to go and make sure the members that are already there don't try anything funny.  There is hope for my city, there is hope.  Obviously Eelya was on the verge of tears when I told him missionaries were coming back.  That kid likes americans too much.  We don't know how long they are going to be there, but if the next three weeks go ok, then they will probably stay for good.  This however means that we are inheriting their area for a time, so we know have way too much to worry about.  We will be staying in our area half the week and then in theirs the other half.  Soooo much to do.  It's become pretty clear that I'm getting the boot in three weeks and will be heading off to somewhere else, so the stress will only last so long.  We had a couple meetings this week, last night's was hillarious.  We invited our two time karate champion of the world member on a lesson with us and aleksay, basically towards the middle our member took us into some uncharted waters of crazy deep doctrine that took us on a wild ride.  That was one of the most uncomfortable hours of my life as I watched one russian man confuse another.  But, we cleaned things up in the end, and he wants to meet again.  Said he felt like he got punched in the head though.  Yikes.  I think that was the most interesting part of the week.  Peter claims to have been put in jail again, but I'm not convinced, think some of this might be "exadurated".  Or completely fake, but we'll see.  Sky diving man has been out of town.  Russia is still Russia.  Yes.  Perhaps that is all.  Take it easy my friends.  Later

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