Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 67:

Well, this is the week of the marraige of rachael holland to an Aaron whose last name I honestly don't know.  Good luck my sister, sorry I can't be there, the motherland still has a hold on me.  I send my love.  Anyway this week was an awesome one.  Busy.  We have too many things to worry about now which is so much better than having nothing.  I don't have a lot of time to go into details, but basically people have been coming up to us lately and asking to get taught.  YEAH.  God is throwing us and these other guys a bone.  Good people popping up out of nowhere.  One guy investigated the church when he was like 14 but his parents got weirded out by it and shut him down.  Now he and his wife are interested.  Woo.  Really sincere solid guy.  He came to church and really seemed to like it.  Bach a riddiculous muslim rower popped up out of nowhere as well, he is a little bit inappropriate but a good guy.  Then there is alexander america, guy who speaks pretty good english and has been to church a couple times, he's been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and feels pretty good but doesn't know why.  So good we get to see the gospel help people, gets us through all the garbage that comes with the job.  Totally worth it.  So yeah, also it's hot as junk here, super humid and I'm getting destroyed by mosquitos every night because we have to leave all the windows open.  Fun times. Russians solve this by wearing almost no clothes everywhere, but we aren't aloud to do that.  Well.  I miss and love all of you, good luck sister and other wedding planners, send pictures, wish I could be there.  Goodbye

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