Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 69:

I'm beardier than I have ever been on my mission.  Which is still not that much since my beard growing abilities are weak and I'm starting to be convinced I'll never hit puberty.  I've been camping out in this hospital for about 30 hours or so, don't worry all I'm not sick.  They passed me a diseased companion, he got sick on his visa trip to riga and then we went home and kept him inside for a day or two, then he was like, game over, it's hospital time.  We got here and they've done tests and he's got a mix of a virus and a bacterial infection.  Fun stuff, dude is очень sick right now.  He's getting a little better though.  I've had some fun trying to translate for doctors.  They always start out dignified saying to me, we need to collect a fecal sample of which we may run an analysis of pathogens.  Then I tell them I have no idea what they just said and then they say, we need him to poop in this tiny little plastic cup.  I'm all over that, pooping was one of the first words I learned.  Anyway it's a little difficult, I've realized how hard it would be to be a doctor in a foreign country, but it's kinda fun and I learned some cool stuff.  Last night I was settling in to sleep on these two plastic chairs in my comp's hospital room because they told us that if i sleep in the other patient bed we get charged a billion dollars. This nice nurse named Lilly that I made friends with came in and was like, what are you doing, you can't sleep there!  She left and came back and said, hey dude, all the doctors are gone and I talked to the other nurses, we are going to let you sleep in the bed and just wake you up earlier before all of those penny pinchers get here.  I love that woman.  Like a mother.  She is old, it was all very appropriate.  So I slept like a baby.  Ortega is already getting better and we should be back to full power soon.  I'm pumped that I got to stay for another transfer,  goodbyes are lame.  My love goes out to my brother back home that is apparently puking all day erry day.  Don't let any nurses give you more shots in your butt.  As far as the week goes not a lot got done, with transfers and visa trips and sickness.  We did find an armenian guy who is AWESOME.  Hoping to teach him this week.  I love armenians.  Also this week I got to house a greeny (new guy) from america while his trainer flew to riga.  I realized how fun it would have been to train an american as well as a russian, totally different story.  Would never have traded Antropov (who has now gotten super skinny) for anyone, but was really fun hitting the streets with that new kid, he was a champ too.  First guy we talked to scolded us and told us to be russian and the new kid kept chugging like it was nothing.  A lot of cool people left the mission this last go around, sad.  Anyway things are good, just gotta get this mexican kid back to normal and then we can go do work. Also Holly be doin work. K Bye. 

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