Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 70:

Hey there friends.  This week was an interesting one.  Elder Ortega's back was hurting pretty bad so we had to sit inside our appartment a lot.  After him being sick in the appartment, then the hospital, then back to the appartment I wasn't super pumped about the confinement.  I might have gone a little bit insane at one point there, but I'm pretty sure I'm back in my right mind now.  I'm getting really good at waiting now, also trying to find things to do when it seems like there aren't any.  Called a lot of peoplem, did some planning, etc.  When we were out on the street though things were awesome.  We got 2 new investigators this week and both of them are fly young guys that are very interested in learning more about God and trying to find some direction in their lives.  It's so awesome when all the questions people ask are exactly the questions that get answered by the gospel, and what's more is it's super simple.  One of them, Radion, came to church and really liked it, stayed for all 3 hours like a champ.  We had to go teach Gospel Doctrine while he went to the class for guests and new converts and apparently they dropped the law of chastity on him.  Heh.  Handled it well though, or so I heard.  Between all the doctor stuff and trying to figure out what was wrong with Ortega it was actually a good week.  In the end they decided to put him in the office for now and I got a companion named Elder Grover.  He's half Thai and likes to cook.  This will work.  Also we got a call to go help a girl across town that had fallen out of a 2 story window and had no place to stay.  Russia is weird.  Her friend (16 year old boy) talked my ear off on the way, much of which he explained why adventure time is brainwashing children to believe that russia is evil.  That's actually pretty possible.  Anyway that was my week.  Fun times. Miss you guys, take it easy.   

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