Saturday, October 11, 2014

week: 73

Hey there friends.  This week was a great one.  Our church got one 9 year old bigger this week, wooooo.  She is the daughter of an indian looking guy named felix who got baptized not too long ago.  I got to go over and interview her the other night, we got into their house and her and her little sister went nuts.  They were like, awe yeah missionaries came over, let me show you every toy and book that is currently in this residence.  That went on for about 45 minutes and then the dad finally got home we did a quick follow up and I went and talked to her.  It's amazing how simple everything is when you are a kid.  She knows a lot more about life in a lot of ways than some of the geniuses I've met out here.  Good kid.  Her mom doesn't really believe in God but she loves the church, and their family is super happy right now.  All good stuff.  Baptism number 3 I have witnessed in Russia! Oh, yeah to explain the title, transfers came and went and we are all staying here accept elder anderson, sad that he's heading out.  I'm glad, and the members were glad, which made me more glad.  It is nice to feel loved.  Camping out in areas for long periods is hard but pretty cool, you start to feel like you actually live here.  Other stories:  Taught a guy on a freshly painted bench and we all ended up with blue butts.  Had zone conference.  Wrote a song about sister missionaries running around sprinkling fairy dust on our efforts and making everything pretty in the end.  Ukrainian guy told me he thought some gay russian guy was calling him the other night when I called.  Taught people on the street about Jesus. YEAH.  Well, that seems like everything, I'll try to get pictures over soon but my dropbox is full so it has become complicated.  Bye, love you people.
_Elder Holland  

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