Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week: 74

Hey everybody, good week.  First and foremost, Kostya is totally getting baptized! Maybe!  He has a date for the 8th and is moving a long like a champ.  He is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and has already recieved an answer that it's true.  He's been coming to church and is stoked about changing his life for the better.  We taught him word of wisdom the other day and he was like, ah man, no black tea?  We said nope, and he said, all right lets do this thing.  Favorite quote of the week. "Stop drinking black tea, change your destiny"(kostya).  Missions are so good when you see people accepting the gospel and recieving blessings from it, this guy has grown a lot just in the past couple of weeks.  Anyway other than that we had a session of sneaking into appartment buildings and dropping flyers for our open door day in everyones' mailboxes.  We got to be ninjas.  Not really I just called every appartment and asked them to let me in until somebody did.  It was really fun though, and the closest thing I've done to tracting, I'm gonna ask pres if we can tract, would be a good experience.  Also we've been trying to talk to 10 more random situation people a day and we keep track, and if we fail then we have to bring snacks to district meeting.  So we've been stopping people on bikes, chasing people down, talking to people on railroad tracks.  Pretty weird.  What else.  Oh we got to the sad Bab Dina and found out her sad life story, but I think we cheered her up.  She has had a rough go of it.  Nice to make people happier when they are bummed.  Holly made it to the Czech republic, that's awesome!  You go seester, teach those люди!  Also happy birthday coming up to my other seester.  Ok that's for my time on her, have a good week everyone, love you all.
_elder Holland

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