Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week: 75
Hey Everyone.
Apparently everone has remembered that I exist so I'm running out of time because I have too many people to answer.  Basically this week I went to riga for the last time and we had our open door day at our branch.  The members handled it like champs and we had like 20 people come.  YEAH.  Also I got permission from president to go tracting, and we are doing it now.  Last night we got to a door that had 3 doors behind it, we rang all of them one after another and then a shirtless man with large manboobs came to the door confused and behind him was standing a crowd of other confused russians from all three appartments.  Ha.  Anyway no success there but I'll let you know if something cool happens.  Kostya has been struggling lately with his love for the krishnies and is doubting the possibility of God having one path for us.  He is praying right now every night to find that out. Like a champ.  Also unfortunately he moved, so we are going to pass him to university, the land of my birth.  It looks like he won't be getting baptized when we planned, but there is still hope!  Anyway that was about all my week, nothing super super exciting.  Was super happy to hear that holly made it safely to the czech republic and is doing awesome out there, get it gurl. Well, I can't really think of much else.  Happy birthday again rachael, I sent your card almost on time.  Hope all is well back in the americas.  Talk to ya next week.  
_Elder Holland

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