Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week: 76

The week keep on rolling by.  We had a pretty good week here.  We got my Krishni brotha passed over to my homeland of university area. It was weird to go back there.  I miss that place.  He's struggling, but there is still hope.  Other lesson of the week was Nickolai knives, the one that lives super far away.  We had an awesome lesson with him where we established that he believes what we have is true, he has a strong desire to follow Christ, but he feels unworthy to do so.  Pretty common feeling we have since we are all pretty dumb.  It's too bad that we get so down on ourselves.  We talked about the atonement and hit home pretty hard that God loves all of us even when we are stupid.  In the end he commited to prepare for baptism, and he is still reading and praying.  Really sincere guy, man I love teaching people.  You, so that's about all the big news.  Transfers are coming up, and for the third time I feel like I will probably be getting the boot, nothing is set in stone though.  President throws a lot of curveballs, keeps you on your toes.  I'm hoping to head to the land of the armenians and learn some of their language, I feel like that would be pretty fun.  Coming down to the wire here, only got three transfers after this, that's not a lot really.  Strange to see things wind down, we aren't about to slow down though.  I'll let you guys know what happens with transfers.  Love you my people, thanks for not forgetting my existence, two years is quite a while.  Alright, I'm out, take it easy.
-Elder Holland

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