Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week: 77
Well transfers have come, and I got straight up blindsided.  The story begins when this transfer on a split we might a nice african man who only spoke french.  I thought it would be a good idea to attempt to speak with him in my crappy broken highschool french that I have almost completely forgotten.  We got his number, the guy I was with told president about it, and now I'm going to international ward.  Fun.  So yeah, international ward is a strange wonderland of americans in oil companies, funny african dudes, vietnamese guys, and pakistanian famillies.  Should be interesting.  When he first told me I was frankly pretty upset, I really love russian people.  It is going to be really hard to not focus on them anymore and help build up the church for russia.  But even though it's the last place besides the office I would have picked I'm going there for some kind of reason I'm sure.  Have to keep reminding myself that my plans and wants aren't always the best ideas.  So we will see what happens, I'll still be in moscow but it's a completely different world.  This week I had to say goodbye to the ward and #1 that was really hard, and then #2 I realized it might be the last time I bear testimony in russian.  I went and sat down and had to man up to not cry.  And then that didn't work so I started drawing turtles to distract myself.  Don't judge.  Trying really hard to have a good attitude, and now I have to change gears and try to learn french, so when I come home I will speak three languages very poorly.  I think I could still finish somewhere in a russian branch, but time is running out.  Congrats to my mom, sister, and aaron for the halfmarathon, you guys are champs.  And aaron, don't worry that your wife totally destroyed you. SLAM.  I'm not about to do that with you guys when I get back so don't even think about it.  This week was good, taught nikolai again and he is awesome, just scared of making promises he can't keep.  Also we found an inactive lady from Ukraine that wants to come back to church. WOO.  Alright I think that's all for me, I'll talk to you guys next week with what will most likely be an interesting letter. Peace out my lovelies.  
-Elder Holland

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