Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week: 78
HEy everyone, so this week was probably the weirdest and most culturaly shocking since I came to russia.  Basically I feel like I'm in america again.  It's strange, and I feel uncomfortable.  Also I have black friends now, I don't know if it is making me cool yet, probably not.  Our brothas from the continent are hillarious, this one guy named vincent is a riddiculous human being.  He speaks some russian and used to be married to a russian lady.  We had a coordination meeting with the wml and all the ward missionaries (which I didn't know was a thing) and even when our brothas weren't saying anything hillarious I couldn't stop laughing, it was hard to control myself.  Also, I don't speak french, even though it is a lot easier than russian.  I'm starting to pick it back up but I feel almost like I was better at russian when I came here than I am at french now.  I miss russian, it has become the break for me when I can speak that.  The ward is full of americans, and a french family, and all kinds of other nationalities, but they are mostly from africa.  Really humble cool people, easy to love, but their situation is pretty hard.  It's difficult living here as an african, it's hard to get work, when you have it you only work, people here are super racist, and the police are always busting you for not having a passport.  Really cool people.  NOt teaching people in russian is throwing me off big time, but I'll get used to it eventually.  We've got a couple of people progressing towards baptism right now, but nobody is coming to church, we are going to have to get creative about that problem.  Anyway I'm kind of out of time, but i'm still alive, my companion is a silly little man.  He is quite the chatterbox.  Good kid, we will have some fun here.  Take it easy everyone, merry thanksgiving, wait no that's next week.  bye.
Elder HOlland

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