Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week: 80
This was a good week, very tiring.  We had a lot of splits this week, had to go twice.  We had a bunch of other random stuff too and I'm pooped.  We helped a bunch of philipino ladies move the other day, that was fun.  A law of nature as a missionary in russia is if you ever help people move, they will always live on the top floor of their new building, and there will be no elevator.  And so it was.  Luckily it was only 4 stories, but I'm still pretty sore and it was like 2 days ago.  In other news we had a brotha invite his vietnamese roommate to church and he is really cool, reminds me of ninh.  Unfortunately ninh is in vietnam until sunday so they weren't able to talk, but he is just stoked that people talk about religion here, because he has had a lot of questions and they don't really talk about it in his home country.  It's really fun to teach someone the Gospel that has never really even heard about God before, it's amazing how simple it is.  Other than that we moved buildings, and so this sunday we spent a lot of church running around outside finding our freezing brothers from the continent who had gotten lost.  They do not take kindly to the cold.  No sir.  When we were helping this one guy find the building I thought he was gonna cry, or die, or any combination of the 2.  So yeah we've got some new referals, new building, things are pretty good.  We will be finding out about transfers this week, two of our district members are going home, so things are going to shake up here a little bit.  I hope everyone had a thanksgiving, mine was pretty good, I'll try to send some pictures.  Bye now.  

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