Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week: 81
Surprise.  Elder Holland move again.  This transfer was only a month long cuz of christmas times, and I am getting booted out of moscow.  I'm going to the magical land of smolensk, a pretty far outer city that is the envy of all missionaries everywhere.  I'm pretty pumped, christmas came early this year.  I'm sad to leave my brothers, but I missed my people a lot, and russian.  I have been humbled this last transfer, it was kind of like starting over again in the mission, it is a totally different place.  The people are so good though.  So, my dreams have been realized, I get to go somewhere on a train.  It will be the first time I get to serve in an outer city with a whole district of missionaries and a senior couple.  We are going to do so much work.  I've only got 2 transfers left so we are going to have too.  My new companion just finished getting trained so I get to be the weird uncle for the 3rd time.  Woo.  This week was pretty good, we had stake conference which was fun, got to see all the members from my old areas before I left, and also yesterday was the cherry on top.  I had to go on a split with university elders to get an investigator passed to us so I got to go see my favorite babooshka in the universe.  Thats right I got to hear those beautiful words one more time "Старейшины, свет мой, приходите!".  She's getting pretty old, but still the same old elena.  I said goodbye to my brothas, that was a bummer.  It's easier getting transfered when you've only been around a month though and stake conference is happening.  During conference I just sat around with these riddiculous children from zgrad and read books with them about sharks and space.  It was a good time.  Hope all is well at home, its starting to feel like christmas time with the snow in such, I bet you guys are starting to get into the spirit back home as well.  I'll check in next week with more news.  See ya.
-Elder Holland

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