Monday, March 16, 2015

week: 83
Hey guys,
This week was pretty nuts.  We had a lot of stuff to do this week, president came in to town to take a tour of smolensk and see how we are doing.  It went really well but there was a lot of branch work to do and we didn't have a lot of time for missionary stuff.  We took one of the girl members of the branch to swing by one of our branch members who we thought was back on track, but we got in and he was in really bad shape.  The water in their appartment wasn't working, his roommates had got him drinking again, and he was hurting pretty bad.  We sat down and talked with him and it was pretty hard, you could tell how badly he wanted to be rid of all that stuff in his past, but he kept getting dragged back down.  After we left the member girl we took yelled at me for not telling her what was going on, she hit me a few times too, she's a little firecracker.  Just this week though this guy has made leaps and bounds, we helped him find a new appartment where there are better influences, we got him taking the addiction recovery course again, and he is looking for a job.  It's really hard to see people trying to change and not being able to because of their circumstances, but hey that's what we are here for.  In other news Faisal is living all of the commandments, now he's just got to get his little indian self to church.  That guy is awesome.  We had an awesome devotional with pres on saturday and when everyone got home all the missionaries called me and were just like, man, we serve in the best place ever.  Truth.  Really good people out here.  HOpe you guys are all doing good back home, I think thats about all from this week.  Drama.  Good times though.  Later.
-Elder Holalnd

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