Monday, March 16, 2015

Week: 85
Whats up my people.  That time of week again for me to fit my whole life into like a paragraph.  So this week.  Um, we went to moscow and kicked around there a little bit before a conference.  We went to a stanian haircut place where they do it for 100 rybs, which is like 2 bucks.  I go back with my guy and he says, hey, I'm farhool, and then just waited for a response.  I said great farhool.  He said, its gonna be 200 rybs.  I said, Why, because you're farhool?  He said, no, I'm the stylist bro.  So i shelled out the 2 hundi and he straight up just shaved me bald.  Darn you farhool.  So half our week went to the conference, which was good cuz I got to see my boys.  Antropov is still doing funky fresh. I am getting pretty tired of missionary conferences though, I think I've been to too many of them.  Alexey is doing awesome now that he is moved and back in school.  Now there is only one more guy we've got to get to stop drinking.  Oh, this week we are starting russian week, whcih should be a good time.  Just where we don't speak english, not that exciting.  One more event, we stopped by a less active with pres hansen the senior couple guy.  The lady wasn't home but her husband came out in a camo tank top and did not seem too happy.  I was asking about the lady we were looking for and he was being really distant and didn't seem to know much about here so I was like, so are you guys just neighbors or...  He did not like that very much.  He told me that he was her husband and then started angrily saying things in german thinking that he had us beat.  Little did he know that hansen had served a mission in germany as a boy, sucka.  So pres hansen started chatting it up with him in german and it all ended with smiles and handshakes.  Fun times.  Sometimes you stand there and take inventory on what is happening in the given moment and realize that your life is really weird.  Another funny story.  One of the young girls came up to me at church yesterday and said hey, you were really rude to me in my dream last night, I woke up crying and almost didn't come to church because of you.  I said what do you want me to apologize or something?  She said ya you probably should.  And then this crazyish old lady member with orange hair just started saying, "o my, russian girls, they are something, o my. what are they, o my".  I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes, and i walked into the sacrament hall and couldn't stop.  That just about made my week.  The members here are pretty funny.  Oh also faisal is getting baptized on the 7th, that guys so ready it's riddiculous.  See you guys later, about a month and a half later.  Peace

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