Monday, March 16, 2015

week 84:
Hey guys, 
Sorry I lied about not being on the computer this week.  We are in moscow and as a blast from the past sitting in that same old internet cafe where I was birthed.  The sweet smell of cigaret smoke and body odor wafting through the air.  It reminds me of a simpler time.   We all got called into moscow for a mission conference which will be taking place tomorrow.  Wich means, i get to see all of my bros!  Most of them are dead and gone, but I got a couple still lingering around here.  Mckibben and Antropov should be their which I am very happy about.  Hopefully we will get some knowledge dropped on us and then go back and use it.  This week some interesting things happen.  We took the vietnamese guys out to lunch because they are heading back to their homeland today.  Only one is going to be left.  It was several hours of confusion through language barrier, but I've learned that you don't really need to be able to talk to people to be friends with them.  We all had a good time.  They will be missed, our little vietnamese boyband.  Other than that we found out that my indian boy developed a stomach infection and he wasn't able to make it because he was in the hospital.  We had a fast for him, and then he got better and we were able to meet with him on saturday.  He is so ready to be baptized, one problem, he didn't come to church again! I hope he is doing ok, because he wasn't looking too hot the night we saw him, though better.  There is still hope for him though.  Man I love that guy, he is hillarious.  Let's see what else.  Oh we are helping one of our members get ready for a mission right now.  She has been having a really hard time trying to decide, so she asked for a blessing and then she had an experience where it became pretty clear what she should do.  Pretty neat.  So that was good news. Serving in russia I've realized how easy I've had it. Funny what kind of stuff I used to whine about.  We've had some more drinking problems in the branch, it's hard to see.  I also got to go on splits with gleason, he's the kid that came with me on a split his first day in russia, and it was awesome to see how fast he's improved since then.  He got into the field just like 6 months ago and now he's already trained a kid and is looking to go be a district leader somewhere probably.  Kids a champ, works like a donkey, that's what I like to see.  We were able to teach a lot of lessons on the street this week but still having a hard time picking up new investigators that we can work with on the long term.  Oh, new developement. I've started a dream journal, basically you just keep it by your bed and when you wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night you write down what happened.  Mine are usually just stupid and don't make any sense, but it's pretty fun.  It's starting to spread throughout the district and I'm planning to let the disease carry, I told holly she has to start making people do it in the czech republic.    Unfortunately I've been more successful in my dream journal than my real one.  Man I can write a lot when I don't have other emails to answer.  Um.  I think that's everything though.  Hope everyone is doing well, miss you guys, will see you pretty soon actually. Well sort of.
-elder holland

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