Monday, March 16, 2015

Week: 86

Hey everyone.  Things are getting pretty weird up in here.  We've gotten transfer calls, the last one I'll ever have.  It seems as though I'll be sticking around here to the end and elder kunzler will be killing me.  We had a couple of missionaries leave the district which is a bummer, but the next one should be good.  Strange going into the last transfer, it's starting to get real.  Trying to keep it out of my brain though.  Good News Bad News.  Faisal got gypped pretty hard by his medical school, because he was in the hospital he failed one of his tests and there was supposed to be a retake on the 31st but the teacher on a whim decided not to give it so now he's getting booted out of russia.  Silent tear.  Good news, he is getting baptized today.  Woo.  He is going to be an awesome member and it has been amazing to see him learn and grow over the past 2 months.  Some people just get things, Faisal was one of them.  Teaching him was a piece of cake.  He's asked me to baptize him and it's pretty humbling.  Really glad that he would trust me to do that.  So today is a good day, but I have been running a round like a chicken with it's head cut off getting all of this stuff together.  Everything that could have happened to stop faisal from getting baptized has happened, but he stuck it out, he never gave up, and now he is going to get blessed out the wazoo.  Also this week we taught a guy about repentance and stuff on the street.  He was like guys, you come to the wrong guy, I'm game over.  He then listed off all the bad stuff he's done.  It was another one of those want to go home and take a shower with all my clothes on and cry deeply moments.  When he was done we were like, uh, I think that means we've come to the right guy dude, you need this stuff more than anybody.  We prayed with him at the end, was cool to see how he changed just throughout the course of the meeting.  After the prayer his expression was totally different and he asked us for our number and when we could meet.  Other than that we have two new investigators this week.  One of them is ARMENIAN.  I love me some armenians.  I think that's about all of the news.  Good week, lots of good things, pretty tired though.  Once again we will be heading into moscow for a visa trip.  I swear they won't let me stay in my city.  LAME.  Well, I'll be seeing you guys in a couple of weeks here.  Things are getting weird. So strange.  I don't know how to live in america anymore.  I don't think I can drive a car.  Ah.  Danger.  Ok bye.  

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