Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 88 (BRENT BURNS):

This week was... difficult.  One of those ones where absolutely nothing goes as planned.  But hey, those have got to happen every once in a while.  The biggest thing was that nobody would talk with us all week and we didn't know what was going on.  I'm starting to think that I've already talked to most the people in our area place, had a couple of people tell me that I've already bothered them, haha.  So yeah, the whole district struggled big time this week with lessons, plans, contacting, basically everything.  Sunday, church was pretty rough, president hansen was gone and basically none of the plans for the meetings went through, made me realize how nice it is to have the senior couple here.  I never got to be a branch president in my mission, and I'm not too upset about that, it's a lot to worry about.  Well, not really sure what else to write especially, things are normal.  I'm beginning to understand why missions don't go longer than two years, my body is starting to shut down and I don't think she can take much more, but there's no time to slow down now, only got so long left.  I think this will be the first actual pday I've had in smolensk, every single other one had something come up that we had to do so I haven't been able to relax much for the past two months or so. This will be nice. Anyway good to hear that everyone is alive and well back home.  The sun is out here, seems like the first time that there have been colors for 4 months or so.  Pretty nice, hopefully it will make these russians a little more cheery.  Happy valentines day everyone, I didn't realize that it was happening until the sisters called me asking me if they could go around giving heart shaped balloons to strangers and tell them that God loves them.  O sisters.  Take it easy friends, write me letters. Bye.
-elder holland

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