Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 89:
This week was alright.  Still most of our meetings aren't working out, but hey, that's life. NEWS.  Our schedule has changed so that when we wake up at 630 we just put on our suits hit the streets and start talking to people til 9.  It helps me cuz I hate waking up and sitting inside all day, I fall asleep all over the place.  But now I can get up and go and then when i come back i actuallly exercise instead of laying on the ground and pretending to do sit ups.  So yeah, we haven't seen a ton of success from it, turns out people don't like talking about religion at 7 in the morning on their way to work, but we are still working on it, and in general I like it.  We started meeting with a former investigator who used to date one of the members here.  She dumped him after 5 years and it destroyed his life so he started drinking smoking drugs all that danger.  He's trying to get rid of all of it and so we are trying to help him, but his biggest problem is he can't get over that girl.  She's a real heart breaker.  A lot of our former investigators are her ex boyfriends. haha.  More drama, one of the members started dating her best friends (also a member) brother.  BAM.  And you know who has to jump in the middle of the drama and calm everybody down.  That's right, the emotionally retarded elder holland.  I think one of the biggest lessons I've learned on my mission is that God has an awesome sense of humor.  I'm sure there has been a laugh or two from trying to serve in my different areas.  We are trying though.  Well, I think that's about it for this week,  Not a whole lot to tell. We've got the zone leaders coming in this week so that will be cool.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAM.  You are the greatest mom in the history of moms. fact. And you are not old.  Miss you all, but I'll be seeing you pretty soon here.  It's making me really sad sometimes that I'm leaving my people, but I will be really happy to see all of you guys.  Alright, take it easy, will write you next week.
-elder Holalnd

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