Monday, March 16, 2015

Week: 91

Hey, so my internet pooped out earlier before I could write you guys a letter, sorry.  Sorry if last weeks letter made me seem like I was losing my mind, ok maybe I was a little bit, but I've mellowed out and accepted my fate.  I guess I can't play foreigner forever, and I know that I can't play missionary forever, I'm pooped.  Doing better though, leaving from your mission is a lot like leaving on your mission, just full of goodbyes and they get all drawn out and at a certain point you are just ready to peace out.  Still not excited about leaving my people, but I am excited to see you all and do all that life stuff.  This week was good, we got to go to bransk, the church isn't out there, just one member and his little family, he his wife and new baby all in one little tiny room.  Really nice family, mom wants to hear the lessons and possibly get baptized, the sisters will be teaching her over skype.  It was pretty interesting to feel the difference of a city where the church absolutely does not exist.  We feel very strongly however that it will soon be opened for missionary work and that place will be overflowing with mo's. Oh, I've added another modem of transportation to my between city travel, it's called ghetto old soviet bus that looks like it was built for gypsies.  That was a good time, except not really.  Oh but we did get to stay in a hotel which was quite the treat.  I slept on a bed for the first time in many months,  I woke up feeling good to say the least.  I think I might start using an air matress instead of the couch I've been crashing on.  anyway, things are good, just trying to finish strong.  This will be my last full week of missionary work.  Strange times, good ones though.  Alright guys, I'll be back next week to do my last letter, I love all you guys.  AND HAPPY BIRFDAY CONNOR.  

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